1 Stop Generator Professionals – meet our team

Scroll down to meet our team of experienced generator professionals.

Adam Potts

Position: Installation Tech – Generator Installation

Training: Generac Service Technician, Air-Cooled Certified Technician

Experience: 2 years experience in his field.

Personal: Enjoys doing work that helps people in times of need.

Angela Robinson

Position: Reception and Sales Assistant, Scheduling

Training / Experience: 28 years in customer service

Personal: “Be the change you wish to see in the world”


Barry Burgess 

Position: Service & Maintenance Technician. Customer Tutorials

Training: Associates Degree in Electronics, Generac Air-Cooled Certified Technician

Experience: 18 years electronics, 16 months generator experience

Personal: From Palm Beach County, enjoys sports and spending time with his wife and kids.

Bartolo Silvestri

Position: Electricians Assistant Technician, Drywall Repair

Training: Home repairs and electrical

Experience: 10 years

Personal: Originally from Guatemala, has a beautiful wife and 3 daughters.

Charmia Walker

Position: Manages the Installation and Gas divisions, oversees warehouse operations. Job analysis, project management.

Training: Bachelors Degree at University of Georgia, hold Gas Contractors License for state of FL. Extensive qualification/training in gas systems. Assoc. Degree in Business Management. Dale Carnegie management training.

Experience: 29 years underground utilities, 23 years business management

Personal: Born in Tennessee, grew up in Georgia, is married with 5 children

Daniel Gunshefski

Position: Service and Installation Technician

Training: 2 years college for Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Repair/Maintenance

Experience: 2 1/2 years

Personal: From Florida, went to Palm Beach State College, loves dogs.

Dave Maffeo

Position: Lead Technician, Electrician

Training/Experience: Electrician for 30 years – Generator Tech for 4 ½ years

Personal: Electronics are second nature to me, its in my blood.


Jennifer Weigel

Position: Generator Sales

Training: Generac Sales Training, Real Estate License, Disney Customer Service Training

Experience: 5 years in Generator Sales

Personal: Born in Connecticut, grew up in a military family. Married 8 years, with 2 beautiful children.

Jermain D. Fashaw Sr. 

Position: Electrician, Lead Technician

Training: Electrician for over 20 years – Generator Technician for 5 years

Experience: 5 years in Generator Service/Installation

Personal: My colleagues at 1 Stop are like an extended family to me.

Julianne Silva 

Position: HOA/Customer service and job status through installation.

Training/Experience: 4 years HOA experience, 21 years office assistant, 2 years managerial experience

Personal: I love south Florida and working with the local community.


Lacy Murilo 

Position: Permit Technician – processes, tracks permits, files paperwork pertaining to permitting.

Training: 1 1/2 years at Palm Beach Gardens Building Department. 4 years in management

Experience: 1 1/2 years in permit processing

Personal: Married with an 8 year old daughter. Graduated from Dwyer HS – Go Steelers!

Louima Charles 

Position: Field Technician, assists with gen-sets and trenching for installations

Training: Worked for FPL, Bellsouth, Adelphia/Comcast for over 30 years.

Experience: 30 years equipment-tech and installation

Personal: Originally from Haiti, a US citizen for 20 years. Lives in Riviera Beach with his 6 children.

Matthew P. Nogurray 

Position: Warehouse and crew support

Training/Experience: Equipment operator – 10 years

Personal: Born and raised in Palm Beach County, married with no kids, 2 dogs.


Nick Taylor 

Position: Electrician, Generator Technician

Training: Trained Electrician and Generator Repair

Experience: 16 years

Personal: Born in Wisconsin, raised in Florida, served as an Army Paratrooper.  Has an 11 year old daughter.

Nikki St. Mary 

Position: Inspection and Tutorial scheduling. Permit processing, Assist the sales/service departments

Training: State LP Gas license. 08-03 LP Gas installer A Cert #29069

Experience: 10 years

Personal: Loves the outdoors, hunting, fishing, mudding, etc.

Rodell Roper

Position: Service Technician

Training: Industrial liquid cooled Generator Technician for Generac, Kohler

Experience: 17 years

Personal: Loves Florida and its crazy weather.

Veronica Whittington

Position: Service Department Scheduling, Part Orders, Maintenance Contracts

Training/Experience: 8 Years of Administration Assistance experience

Personal: Florida born and raised. Married with 2 teenage children.