1 STOP GENERATOR SHOP – Combining the best of old world service with new world technology

1 stop generator shop team
Dedicated to customer service and dependability, 1 Stop Generator Shop was founded by two experienced Master Electricians who joined forces to provide electrical security to South Florida businesses and residences. Owners Jon Andio and Dale Sibery bring over 50 years of electrical experience to the standby generator industry. With 1 Stop, you are sure to receive quality service by experienced professionals.

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Unlike the “big box stores”, we work to establish an on-going relationship with our customers, building trust and confidence during every step of installation, upkeep and maintenance.  From our initial home visit to perform the exact load calculation of your house’s power needs, through the actual installation, and into long-term maintenance and upkeep, we stand by you through the entire process.

After installation, you may want to continue the relationship with us through one of our comprehensive maintenance plans. Like any large machine, your generator will need regular maintenance. Oil changes, fluid checks and power checks are all part of ownership, and 1 Stop  does it all for you, making your generator reliable and dependable. When you need reliable backup power for your home or business, we are here to insure that will have nothing to worry about – you will be ready for the storm!

Call us today at 888- 68-WATTS to see the difference dealing with a family-owned business can mean to you.