Hurricane Michael Devastates FL Panhandle

Hurricane Michael Tracks Through SE States

Hurricane Michael made landfall on the Florida panhandle as a strong CAT 4 storm, bringing hurricane force winds and flooding from Pensacola to Cedar Key, with maximum sustained winds of 155-mph and storm-surge of 12 to 15-ft. This is was the most powerful storm ever to make landfall on in the Florida panhandle, and the 3rd most powerful storm ever to strike the U.S. The storm has devastated communities in the region, the town of Mexico Beach FL has been almost completely destroyed. Micheal brought high winds and drenching rains to Georgia, the Carolinas and Virginia. The storm killed at least 36 people in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina and Virginia,

1.5 Million homes and businesses were left without power. It could be weeks, or even months before power is restored to all those affected.

Hurricane Michael


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