Transfer Switches

What is the difference between the RTS-N and RTS-E Transfer Switches?
All transfer switches MUST be protected by a fuse or a breaker. The difference in switches is the addition of large breakers inside the RTS-E switches.

Figure out if the cable you are breaking with the transfer switch has protection.

If you are going from an utility meter, and plan on powering up a 200 amp panel in your basement, then you would put a RTS-E-200A3 transfer switch in between the electrical meter and the panel. This transfer switch has a 200 amp breaker in it that provides 200 amps of protection for the transfer switch.

If you are putting the transfer switch between a CT-Cabinet with a 200 Amp breaker, and a 200 amp panel, then you would use a RTS-N-200A3. We can use this transfer switch because the CT-Cabinet’s 200 amp breaker is already providing 200 amps of protection.