WiFi Remote Generator Monitoring System

With the Gen-Tracker remote monitoring system, you can keep in touch with your generator wherever you are.


WiFi Remote Generator Monitoring System

The Gen-Tracker WiFi Remote Generator Monitoring System panel, located near the transfer switch, monitors your generator’s operation. When the generator starts, stops, or fails to start when needed, the monitoring system sends a signal to the Gen-Tracker data center using an existing phone line, Internet connection, or GSM cellular service. The data center processes the signal, updating your web page and sending out appropriate notifications via e-mail and text messaging.

Generators are designed to perform a self test, usually every 7 days. The Gen-Tracker Ethernet-WiFi Remote Generator Monitoring System sends out an alert if your generator fails its regular self test. The Gen-Tracker comes with a variety of ways to communicate, depending on your needs.


Phone line:          $699
Ethernet:             $799
WiFi:                  $799
Cellular:              $899

Annual Monitoring Fee: $265

WiFi Remote Generator Monitoring System

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