Generac PowerManager LTS Transfer Switch

Product ID: RTSJ200A3

Priority and Secondary Load Separation

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Generac PowerManager LTS Transfer Switch

The Generac PowerManager LTS Transfer Switch-  200 amp Load Shedding Transfer Switch is designed to allow the most efficient use of the generator by monitoring and managing the backed up essential and non-essential circuits. If the generator approaches overload conditions, the non-essential circuits are cycled off, allowing essential circuits to remain powered. It features a built-in, 16-circuit priority load center, a main contractor that protects the essential circuits and a secondary contractor that protects non-essential circuits. The service entrance-rated, NEMA 3R outdoor/indoor-rated enclosure has a side-opening hinged cover and conforms to 2008 National Electrical Code sizing standards.

Three Devices in One
• Load shedding device, load center and automatic transfer switch

Built-In Load Shedding
• Allows you to safely alternate two high-wattage appliances
• Alternate two central air conditioners without overloading

16-Circuit Priority Load Center
• Drops non-critical circuits when overload is approaching
• Brings back non-critical circuits when power is available

200-Amp Automatic Transfer Switch
• Allows for the most efficient use of the generator
• Protects generator overload
• Will only work with 120/240V single-phase generators

Service Entrance
• Easy to install between your meter and main load center
• Eliminates need for separate sub-panel
• NEMA 3R indoor/outdoor rated

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