Guardian RTS-D-200 Power Transfer Switch

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Guardian RTS-D-200 Power Transfer Switch

1. By monitoring generator engine performance, the Guardian RTS-D-200 Power Transfer Switch is able to identify when the generator approaches overload. At the appropriate time, the switch disconnects two air conditioners, typically the highest electrical load in the house.

2. After a 5-minute delay to allow for compressor bleed out, the switch brings the AC units back online one after the other with a 30-second delay in between. This is a standard capability in all Generac Smart Switches and does not require any additional components, unlike competitive transfer switches.

3. In addition, up to four other large 240V loads can be managed when the Smart Switch is used in conjunction with individual DLM modules.

  • DLM modules are 50 Amps each and are housed in a NEMA 3R enclosure, giving the installer the option to install them either at the electrical panel or anywhere in-line indoors or outdoors between the electrical panel and the appliance.
  • After the four loads are shed, they are brought back individually to assure DLM Module generator capability and eliminate the potential of overload.
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