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Top 10 Reasons to Purchase a Standby Generator

Top 10 Reasons to purchase a Standby Generator

The team at 1 Stop has put together a list of Top 10 Reasons to Purchase a Standby Generator.  While we may love talking wattage, load shedding and motor sizes, you’re probably thinking“will it keep my ice-cream cold in the Freezer”.   Well … it will do that and a whole lot more!  Check it out!

1)      Air! Let’s face it, we live in South Florida and it gets HOT when we don’t have our central A/C.  A standby generator can keep you cool and calm under atmospheric pressure!

2)      Food!   Just because we have a storm does not mean we have a block party.   Don’t be that person who whips out their grill right after the storm to get rid of the Porterhouse steak you just purchased at Whole Foods the day before.

3)      Lights! A Standby Generator will kick on as soon as the power goes out leaving you in the lap of luxury and bathing in the warm glow of your very own lights.

4)      Communication!  With power you can make sure your cell, laptops, radio, TV are all ready, willing and able to keep you in the loop during and after a storm.

5)      Coffee! Have you ever been in a storm, lost power and were unable to get your caffeine for the day?  Keep those headaches away! No one wants to be hot, without coffee and starved after a storm!

6)      Home Security!  We don’t like to talk about this one much but your house is at risk of burglary when your power goes out.  Those central alarm systems are useless unless you have a stash of body guards.  Keep your family and possessions safe by keeping your alarm system active.

7)      Home Medical Equipment! Most of us take this for granted but we do have a wonderful population of elderly people here in Florida.  However, folks of all ages have medical needs as well.  Give a thought about who in your family can not go without electricity for more than 5 minutes.  If you are a caretaker who is in this situation please call us today to talk about our Generators.  We will find one that fits the needs of your household.

8)      Water! Many times we see boil water alerts right after a storm has wreaked havoc on our lives.  Generators can keep your stove running so you can boil your water for drinking, washing, brushing your teeth and scrubbing behind your ears.

9)      Hot Water! Remember Hurricane Wilma?  Taking a shower was like jumping into an ice hole!

10)   You! Sleep like a baby knowing your food is safe and your power is in check.

*Please note, keeping your Ice-cream frozen is not one of the reasons 🙂