Transfer Switch Choices

Transfer Switch Choices – What is the difference between the RTS-N and RTS-E Transfer Switches?
All transfer switches MUST be protected by a fuse or a breaker. The difference in switches is the addition of large breakers inside the RTS-E switches.Transfer Switch Choices

First, figure out if the cable you are breaking with the transfer switch has protection.

If you are going from an utility meter, and plan on powering up a 200 amp panel in your basement, then you would put a RTS-E-200A3 transfer switch in between the electrical meter and the panel. This transfer switch has a 200 amp breaker in it that provides 200 amps of protection for the transfer switch.

If you are putting the transfer switch between a CT-Cabinet with a 200 Amp breaker, and a 200 amp panel, then you would use a RTS-N-200A3. We can use this transfer switch because the CT-Cabinet’s 200 amp breaker is already providing 200 amps of protection.

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