Things to know about Natural Gas Installation

Natural gas installation needs to be done by skilled and experienced professionals to insure safety and prolonged service life.

  • As part of your natural gas installation fee, our gas partners will be hiring a professional utility locating service to map out all underground utilities.  In mapping the underground location of electric, gas, telephone and various other utility conduits, you might see different color flags or paint on your lawn.  This is an extremely important part of the process which alerts the tank installers where they may and may not dig.   The flags will be removed after the installation and the paint will grow out after one or two mowing’s.  It is very important that you do not move or change the location of the flags.  If the mapping must be redone it will result in an additional fee to you.
Natural Gas Installation
  •  Any landscaping in the path of the lines being installed will need to be moved prior to the start of the installation.  If not removed, our gas partners will dig it up and place it to the side.  Our gas partners will not be responsible to replant any materials and, while the utmost of care will be used, will not be responsible for the loss of any landscaping removed.  Additionally, our gas partners are not responsible for the removal or installation of any grass material or sod.

Thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to making your generator and gas installation as easy and trouble free as possible.

Please click the link below to download and print out our gas installation info sheet. Sign this document as your receipt and understanding of this information.