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Transfer Switches

Transfer switches are necessary for integrated home backup power systems. They allow power to be switched from the utility line to generator power without causing damage to the power lines, the generator, or your home and appliances. There are two main types – RTS-N and RTS-E. Scroll down to learn more about transfer switches and to determine the switch you will need.

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What is the difference between the RTS-N and RTS-E Transfer Switches?

All transfer switches MUST be protected by a fuse or a breaker. The difference in switches is the addition of large breakers inside the RTS-E switch. To figure out which you need…

First, figure out if the cable you are breaking with the transfer switch has protection.

If you are going from an utility meter, and plan on powering up a 200 amp panel in your basement, then you would put a RTS-E-200A3 transfer switch in between the electrical meter and the panel. This transfer switch has a 200 amp breaker in it that provides 200 amps of protection for the transfer switch.

If you are putting the transfer switch between a CT-Cabinet with a 200 Amp breaker, and a 200 amp panel, then you would use a RTS-N-200A3. We can use this transfer switch because the CT-Cabinet’s 200 amp breaker is already providing 200 amps of protection.

Transfer Switches - Interlock Kits

Power Panel Interlock Kits

Power Panel Interlock Kits offer a safe and effective way to feed electricity into your house from a generator, turning your main breaker panel into a manual transfer switch. We offer Interlock kits to fit most panel boards including a full line of accessories to connect your portable generator to your home electrical system.

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The Power Panel Interlock Kit provides the safety for your home electrical system that you need to protect your investment. We offer InterLock kits to fit most panel boards including a full line of accessories to connect your portable generator to your home electrical system.

Our panel board InterLock kit allows you to connect your portable generator to your electrical system safely without danger of overload. With the generator feeding your home electrical system it eliminates the need to run extension cords into your home, which is both a fire and a safety hazard.

InterLock kits are specifically designed for various types of breaker panels.  Please contact us to ensure you get the proper kit.

We strongly recommend installation by a certified electrician.

  • Interlock Kits allow you to safely feed the existing panel, permitting convenient use of all original circuits
  • Interlock Kits mount to the existing panel so they require no additional wall space
  • Interlock Kits meet all NEC requirements for optional standby systems (Article 702)